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UAN Status: UAN is abbreviated as Universal Account Number and it is very refined format when it comes to verifying your EPF balance status through the web ie., online. There are other possible methods to verify the balance status as well. But this method is of the best and it mainly consists of the universal account number. In many cases, even if you apply for same purpose or thing, you can easily verify your EPF UAN status from the online websites that are available. check Uan status and know thr process how to generate uan number from here.

UAN Status Check Online & Generate uan Number:

EPF UAN facilitates as a transportable identification proof for EPFO account for lifetime. UAN portal can also be attached to several bank accounts, PAN card number and also with Aadhar card number. Fresh and newly developed UAN portal is very much necessary for employees rather than EPFO portal. Consider a person shifts his jobs frequently, and you need to use his number. All you need to do is to collect the number from the employer. By using this number, you can also understand your UAN status from online with the help of PF number. If you are in need of checking the status of your number, simply get directed with the below steps and thereby you can easily check the status of EPFO number effectively with no lapse in time. check UAN Status and also how to generate uan number from here.


If you want to check the status of EPF Universal Account Number from PF portal then you can do it with the help of 22 digited number and also the ID which is present with you. Steps to check UAN status online:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of EPFO unified portal. This link is shown below

  • From the drop down menu that which is available, you can select the region of your EPFO office.
  • As you select the EPFO region and office, the first two columns of the PF number will be automatically filled in.
  • Now all you need to do is, type the extension code as well as PF account number. If you do not have the extension code, then leave the column blank.
  • Later, you can search for the code on this particular site.
  • Tap the check button and it displays a message if your UAN is allotted or not.
  • If the message displays “UAN is allotted” then click on ID number and then the details will be displayed on to your mobile in SMS format.

This is a simple way to check the EPF UAN status from PF portal.

Later you need to visit the EPFO login portal and if you are displayed with a green message showing your EPF member ID, then you are supposed to follow the further steps to get your Universal account number. This particular process is known as UAN Registration or UAN Activation. you can easily generate uan number

  • In order to activate your UAN number, the employee must provide the employee details namely name, date of birth, sex, password, phone number. While choosing your password you must be very careful and make sure that your password stays strong enough.
  • After entering the above details and you must verify CAPTCHA and get an OTP or PIN number.
  • Enter the OTP which is available on your mobile in the UAN portal and click on Authorize.

Then you will be displayed with a message “UAN request is accepted and it will be authorized in 7 working days”.


Basically, the activation period for EPF UAN number will take about 7-30 days depending upon a number of applications present at that particular time.


You can download and get your UAN Card which consists of your UAN Number including your basic credentials. This can be useful because EPFO scheme does not provide any kinds of ID cards except PF Passbook.

You can download UAN card by following these steps:

  • Visit the official website of EPFO.

  • Login with your credentials.
  • Search for download section.
  • Click on UAN card.
  • Download and verify your Universal Account Number Card.
  • then u can check uan status.

UAN NUMBER BENEFITS & how to Generate UAN number:

  • Aadhaar Number Update
  • KYC Update
  • Change Mobile & Email Address
  • PAN Number update

With the help of Aadhhar & UAN number, it is easy to eliminate fraud beneficial acquirements with the support of employers. Decreases employee participation in the insisting process. thanks, for reading the article UAN Status if you have any doubts regarding UAN Status or on how to generate uan number do comment below, we will clarify your doubts through Comments.


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