UAN Activation | UAN Registration for Unified Portal Login

UAN Activation: Activation of UAN is very easy. UAN activation is a very important concept with the great visionary background. The concept of uan activation aims to create and allow one single universal number to the person. This means that number would be a sort of identification mark for him. Anywhere he goes, in order to get himself identified the user just needs to inform the authority about his/her UAN Number and that shall be sufficient in order to seek information about him. check how to do uan activation number or uan number activation from below..

Overview Of UAN Activation:

To get a UAN Number, a person needs to have following details –

  • PF Number – This can be obtained from the person’s salary slip.
  • Date of Birth – Like every government document, this also asks for the Date of Birth as mentioned on the birth certificate.
  • Name – It refers to the name mentioned in the PF Records. It means the full name. No nickname or any other name would be taken into consideration.
  • Mobile Number (uan activation) – Only the registered mobile number shall be taken into consideration. The PIN shall be sent to it and that helps in obtaining the UAN Number.

Following are the details required in order to activate UAN Number by the employer –

  • The employer shall have access to the epfo employer portal. Valid credentials are prerequisites.
  • After clicking on the epfo employer portal, one needs to choose UAN option and then click Create UAN multiple logins.
  • The valid mobile number of the employees shall be entered.
  • The name of the UAN Number needs to be entered.
  • Then the Member ID or PF Account Number shall be entered.
  • After completing all the above steps, the UAN Activation or uan activation number of the employee shall be obtained.

After completing all the steps, in order to check whether the number has been activated or not, one needs to simply enter the portal again and enter the details it asks for and if it shows the number then that means the UAN number has been activated otherwise not.

One can keep a check on the status of the UAN Number by simply entering member ID.

Benefits Of UAN Activation:

The UAN activation or uan  number is a visionary concept which looks to solve the issue of confusing the citizens of the country. Many times we see the wrong person being put behind the bars for the crime he has not committed. This is all due to the confusion identifying the person who committed the crime. The number is a unique concept that shall solve several crimes and the police record will be strengthened and it won’t be easy anymore to fool the system.

Following are some of any benefits UAN Activation offers –

  • UAN Activation offers best previlages
  • One can check the epf balance using the UAN Number.
  • PF transfer withdrawal can be kept in a check by simply entering the number on the website.
  • The best part is no involvement by the employer.
  • One can be a member of epfo without employment. This means even the unemployed can take benefit of this unique number.
  • One shall update their address on the Adhaar as well as Pan card with no need to submit to the employer.

The UAN Activation number is a brilliant concept which shall revolutionize the whole system of the government. To get it one needs to have any one of the Adhaar Number, Pan card Number, PF number and UAN Number. It is a very easy to get a number and this shall help the citizens in every aspect of their life. This is the kind of technology that shall solve various crimes, identification problems, salary problems, information issue, etc. The number remains the same throughout the life and hence, no issue of forgetting the number emerges. Also, the unemployed can get hold of the number with no hassles. still have doubts on uan activation dont worry comment here, we will clarify all your doubts on how to activate uan number.

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