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EPF Balance Check: EPF or Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) is a retirement benefit fund that is provided to all working employees. check EPF balance Check pf status enquiry online statement UAN passbook from here. It is overseen by the Employee’s Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). Provision Fund (pf) happens to be a great saving for many people, which is to be used in the time of old age and retirement. It also comes to aid during the need of urgent financial requirements. So, it is natural that people want to check the status of their provision funds and regular intervals. check here for EPF Balance Check & PF Status Enquiry Online statement.

Checking EPF Balance & PF Status Enquiry Online:

EPFO has launched a method to make this process faster, more convenient, and hassle free for the employees. It is now possible for a person to check their pf status online with the help of a pf number or other methods such as with the aid of a stimulated messaging service or call, app or browser, or with the help of a UAN number at a UAN portal. This official web portal that has been launched by the EPFO makes the whole process easier and allows employees to check their pf status frequently. The steps to check EPF balance are given below.

EPF Balance Check With the help of a epf number:

Pf number is a code provided to all the employees. It contains a number of digits and the first two alphabets represent the regional code while the next three alphabets represent the PF office code in which one is working. To check the pf balance using a pf number, the concerned person has to first open the website of the EPFO portal and visit the EPF balance page. After clicking on the now your balance link, the person is asked to select the state in which their employer is registered, followed by the selection of the regional pf office. The person is then asked to fill out their pf number along with their phone number. After submitting the form, the person promptly receives a message on their phone with all the relevant EPF balance details. This is a very simple and hassle-free process.

EPF Balance Check With The Help of a Message or a Call:

This feature is only applicable for members who are UAN activated. The process is very simple. The concerned person has to send a message from their UAN registered mobile which should read EPFOHO UAN to the mobile number 773 8299 899 and they will receive a message with their EPF balance details. They can also send a missed call to the EPFO customer care number 011229001406. It is important that the person ensures the number is a registered UAN number.

EPF Balance Check With The Help of an App or a Browser:

There are other easier methods to the pf balance online. The concerned person can visit the EPFO members’ portal or the UAN portal and enter the required credential to receive their EPF balance details. It supports any web page like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox etcetera and any browser like Windows PC or on their smartphone. A person can also check their balance on the official android EPFO app. It is important to be aware that there are framed EPFO websites and tin apps that are present and should be avoided.

Check With the Help of a UAN Number:

This method is applicable for UAN activated members only. The EPF balance can be checked using a UAN number and password in the UAN login portal. This is much more efficient than the method of pf member ID and password. The UAN number and password can be obtained by downloading the UAN passbook. these are the ways to check EPF balance.


These methods have been it easy for a common working man to regularly access their pf balance without any extra effort, making the process time saving and use friendly.

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