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A Universal Account Number(UAN) will be generated for every PF contributing member. The UAN will act as an umbrella, and the idea is to link multiple member Identification Numbers allotted to a single member under single Universal Account Number. This new function is to capture a KYC( Know Your Customer) which is the primary aim of to know the details of its member to eliminate the dependency on the employer and improve the quality of the service. know here howto update kyc in epf uan online.

You can Update or change your KYC(Know your customer) information for EPF (Employee Provident Fund) online using UAN EPFO portal with your Universal Account Number credential. Firstly, you have to log into EPFO UAN portal and update you KYC by uploading the required documents.

These KYC details include

  • National Population Register
  • Permanent Account Number
  • Bank Account Number
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Election Card
  • Ration Card

If the KYC document is filled and submitted with the required information, then it doesn’t face any delay during transfer or withdrawal of money.

Your can claim may reject even if the bank account details are not updated.

The EPF number will not get any SMA alert if KYC documents are not submitted.

Step By Step Procedure to Update KYC In EPF UAN Online

Step 1 – Login to  EPFO UAN portal using UAN credential. As soon as you logged in you can see a label named PROFILE and click on it then you can see ‘Update KYC Information.’

Step 2 – By Clicking on it, you will be displayed a page you would like to update the list. Upload self-attested copy of KYC document(Max size of the file should be 300 KB).

Step 3 – The status called ‘PENDING’ will be shown until the documents are approved by the employer.

Step 4 – Once the employee accepts the status will change to ‘APPROVED BY EMPLOYEE.’ You will also receive an SMS for the modification.

Hopefully, this article gives complete information about How to Update KYC EPF UAN Online. I hope you enjoyed the article.Thank You.

Note – Please comment below if you have any queries.

UAN Status: UAN is abbreviated as Universal Account Number and it is very refined format when it comes to verifying your EPF balance status through the web ie., online. There are other possible methods to verify the balance status as well. But this method is of the best and it mainly consists of the universal account number. In many cases, even if you apply for same purpose or thing, you can easily verify your EPF UAN status from the online websites that are available. check Uan status and know thr process how to generate uan number from here.

UAN Status Check Online & Generate uan Number:

EPF UAN facilitates as a transportable identification proof for EPFO account for lifetime. UAN portal can also be attached to several bank accounts, PAN card number and also with Aadhar card number. Fresh and newly developed UAN portal is very much necessary for employees rather than EPFO portal. Consider a person shifts his jobs frequently, and you need to use his number. All you need to do is to collect the number from the employer. By using this number, you can also understand your UAN status from online with the help of PF number. If you are in need of checking the status of your number, simply get directed with the below steps and thereby you can easily check the status of EPFO number effectively with no lapse in time. check UAN Status and also how to generate uan number from here.


If you want to check the status of EPF Universal Account Number from PF portal then you can do it with the help of 22 digited number and also the ID which is present with you. Steps to check UAN status online:

  • Firstly, visit the official website of EPFO unified portal. This link is shown below

  • From the drop down menu that which is available, you can select the region of your EPFO office.
  • As you select the EPFO region and office, the first two columns of the PF number will be automatically filled in.
  • Now all you need to do is, type the extension code as well as PF account number. If you do not have the extension code, then leave the column blank.
  • Later, you can search for the code on this particular site.
  • Tap the check button and it displays a message if your UAN is allotted or not.
  • If the message displays “UAN is allotted” then click on ID number and then the details will be displayed on to your mobile in SMS format.

This is a simple way to check the EPF UAN status from PF portal.

Later you need to visit the EPFO login portal and if you are displayed with a green message showing your EPF member ID, then you are supposed to follow the further steps to get your Universal account number. This particular process is known as UAN Registration or UAN Activation. you can easily generate uan number

  • In order to activate your UAN number, the employee must provide the employee details namely name, date of birth, sex, password, phone number. While choosing your password you must be very careful and make sure that your password stays strong enough.
  • After entering the above details and you must verify CAPTCHA and get an OTP or PIN number.
  • Enter the OTP which is available on your mobile in the UAN portal and click on Authorize.

Then you will be displayed with a message “UAN request is accepted and it will be authorized in 7 working days”.


Basically, the activation period for EPF UAN number will take about 7-30 days depending upon a number of applications present at that particular time.


You can download and get your UAN Card which consists of your UAN Number including your basic credentials. This can be useful because EPFO scheme does not provide any kinds of ID cards except PF Passbook.

You can download UAN card by following these steps:

  • Visit the official website of EPFO.

  • Login with your credentials.
  • Search for download section.
  • Click on UAN card.
  • Download and verify your Universal Account Number Card.
  • then u can check uan status.

UAN NUMBER BENEFITS & how to Generate UAN number:

  • Aadhaar Number Update
  • KYC Update
  • Change Mobile & Email Address
  • PAN Number update

With the help of Aadhhar & UAN number, it is easy to eliminate fraud beneficial acquirements with the support of employers. Decreases employee participation in the insisting process. thanks, for reading the article UAN Status if you have any doubts regarding UAN Status or on how to generate uan number do comment below, we will clarify your doubts through Comments.

UAN Activation: Activation of UAN is very easy. UAN Number is a very important concept with the great visionary background. The concept aims to create and allow one single universal number to the person. This means that number would be a sort of identification mark for him. Anywhere he goes, in order to get himself identified the user just needs to inform the authority about his/her UAN Number and that shall be sufficient in order to seek information about him. check how to activate uan number or uan number activation from below..

Overview Of UAN Activation:

To get a UAN Number, a person needs to have following details –

  • PF Number – This can be obtained from the person’s salary slip.
  • Date of Birth – Like every government document, this also asks for the Date of Birth as mentioned on the birth certificate.
  • Name – It refers to the name mentioned in the PF Records. It means the full name. No nickname or any other name would be taken into consideration.
  • Mobile Number – Only the registered mobile number shall be taken into consideration. The PIN shall be sent to it and that helps in obtaining the UAN Number.

Following are the details required in order to activate UAN Number by the employer –

  • The employer shall have access to the epfo employer portal. Valid credentials are prerequisites.
  • After clicking on the epfo employer portal, one needs to choose UAN option and then click Create UAN multiple logins.
  • The valid mobile number of the employees shall be entered.
  • The name of the UAN Number needs to be entered.
  • Then the Member ID or PF Account Number shall be entered.
  • After completing all the above steps, the UAN Activation or uan activation number of the employee shall be obtained.

After completing all the steps, in order to check whether the number has been activated or not, one needs to simply enter the portal again and enter the details it asks for and if it shows the number then that means the UAN number has been activated otherwise not.

One can keep a check on the status of the UAN Number by simply entering member ID.

Benefits Of UAN Activation:

The UAN number is a visionary concept which looks to solve the issue of confusing the citizens of the country. Many times we see the wrong person being put behind the bars for the crime he has not committed. This is all due to the confusion identifying the person who committed the crime. The number is a unique concept that shall solve several crimes and the police record will be strengthened and it won’t be easy anymore to fool the system.

Following are some of any benefits UAN Activation offers –

  • UAN Activation offers best previlages
  • One can check the epf balance using the UAN Number.
  • PF transfer withdrawal can be kept in a check by simply entering the number on the website.
  • The best part is no involvement by the employer.
  • One can be a member of epfo without employment. This means even the unemployed can take benefit of this unique number.
  • One shall update their address on the Adhaar as well as Pan card with no need to submit to the employer.

The UAN Activation number is a brilliant concept which shall revolutionize the whole system of the government. To get it one needs to have any one of the Adhaar Number, Pan card Number, PF number and UAN Number. It is a very easy to get a number and this shall help the citizens in every aspect of their life. This is the kind of technology that shall solve various crimes, identification problems, salary problems, information issue, etc. The number remains the same throughout the life and hence, no issue of forgetting the number emerges. Also, the unemployed can get hold of the number with no hassles. still have doubts on uan activation dont worry comment here, we will clarify all your doubts on how to activate uan number.

EPFO Claim Status: EPFO refers to Employees Provident Fund Organization which is defined as the retirement scheme available to all the employees. All the funds saved by the employees for future usage will be kept safe and can be claimed in urgent needs. A fraction of salary will be deducted from monthly salary if you are registered with EPFO. People who have been savings funds by using EPFO scheme can check out the interest that they have got the amount they saved in their EPFO account. check EPFO Claim Status by following the below-given steps.

EPFO Claim Status pf transfer – Withdrawal PF Claim Status:

EPFO Claim Status and Pf transfer Can be checked and Withdrawal of PF Claim can be done easily. Generally, people like to claim the amount that they have been saving it for years at the time of recruitment so that they can receive expanded provident fund. The process of withdrawal of amount that they have been added to EPFO account is considered as EPFO Claim. As everything today is made online, EPFO has also come up with an Online facility to process the claiming of retirement amount. People who have crossed 15 years can apply for EPFO claim and check out your EPFO Claim Status has been processed or not through the official website of EPFO. One who has PF account number can check out his/ her EPFO Claim or withdrawal PF Claim Status. follow the given steps and track EPFO Claim Status and pf transfer status directly and Withdrawal PF Claim.

How to check EPFO Claim Status?

Though people have turned their account status when changed from one company to other, people do not have an idea regarding EPFO Claim Status. As most of the people recover the funds they have saved for one time i.e at the retirement time, it is not required for a person to remember the process which he has gone through. Check out the steps stated below to check your EPFO Clain Status. To check EPFO online status, you need to have the details related to PF account number, EPF regional office of the employer, Establishment or company code or extension code. follow below-given method for EPFO Claim Status.

  • Log in to the official website of EPFO and go to service section on home page for EPFO Claim Status.
  • Check out the employee’s option and tap on claim status button.
  • Now you will be directed to another page where you need to enter PF state.
  • From the list of the cities used for signing in a PF account, check your city and tap on it.
  • Pick your corresponding office to claim your EPFO status online.
  • Now enter region code or office code or extension code in the space provided.
  • Then type your PF account number i.e 7 digits valid id in the space provided.
  • Check whether all the details provided by you are correct or not.
  • by this way, you can check EPFO Claim Status.

How to check EPFO Claim Status on mobile?

To reduce the risk of the applicants who have been registered for PF, the organization has launched an Android app. Any smartphone user having Android OS 2.3 and above can download EPF app on their device. Now check your EPF claim status using the Android device by tapping on Claim Status button. Now Applicant can access withdrawal status application by entering PF account number and the establishment code.


Hope you are successfully done with checking your PF Claim Status after going through the methods stated above. Contact us if you have any quires regarding EPFO Claim status.

UAN Passbook epf passbook: UAN Passbook is an important thing for EPFO to look after the transactions made by the user. Any PF holder can check out his account status by using the official website of EPFO. UAN Passbook is the another way to have all the details regarding your account in a paper format or online format. As EPF UAN portal is live, you can download UAN Passbook directly from the internet. Previously UAN Passbook facility is not provided for its account holder due to various issues. But EPFO has successfully restored the online PF passbook download facility in these days. The changes in the portal made the UAN Passbook Pattern change. One can easily download UAN Passbook by signing into the EPFO portal with the help of UAN number. UAN Passbook facility will help its clients to view the Passbook directly on the internet without visiting the nearest EPFO Office. The client who has registered for Passbook can view the member portal from the next day. Check UAN Passbook Download, Check pf Balance and epf passbook details from here

Check PF Balance using UAN number:

Any applicant can check out his PF account balance by using the UAN number that has been assigned to the person. UAN is a seven digit code which you need to enter for PF Balance.

  • one can check their employee provident fund status by forwarding a free message to the toll-free number provided by EPFO and you need to enter UAN Number when you are asked to enter.
  • The person who has the detailed information regarding Universal Account number can make a call to the toll-free number provided and find the interest for the Provisional Fund.
  • Candidate can download PF Balance sheet if you are aware of the official portal by entering the Provident Fund account number.
  • this is the procedure to check PF Balance using UAN number

Procedure to know UAN Passbook and epf Passbook :

Candidate can download UAN passbook from UAN portal if you have all the details regarding login. An employee can check out the UAN portal to know all the details regarding Provident Fund and other information. Any first time user should activate their Universal Account Number in the Official portal. To activate your Universal Account number, the employer should give his UAN and mobile number. Candidate can set a password to his account for authorization purposes. Once you are done with activation then you can easily login with Universal Account Number and Password. check all details of UAN Passbook and epf Passbook from here.

  • First of all login to UAN Portal, then you will be directed to Universal Account Number Dashboard.
  • Then you will see three options with long titles displayed on your device screen.
  • The top option of three will allow you to view and any employee can tap on it to download UAN Passbook for future usage.
  • One can also use view option in the menu bar in a unified portal and then select passbook from the list.
  • Now download your Passbook from the official link and take the print out of it for clearance regarding PF.
  • this is the procedure to know UAN Passbook and epf Passbook details.

Hope now you are able to check your PF balance easily by using the official website of UAN. Follow the steps stated here to view your UAN passbook and download it easily. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us by commenting below.

EPF Withdrawal Process: EPF withdrawal has always been considered complicated and time-consuming. The process used to take months and often result in unsatisfactory results. To tackle this problem, A new online EPF withdrawal facility has been started by the EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization). check below and easily know the  PF withdrawal Process forms & eligibility TDS Status. check Pf Withdrawal online form from here.

What Will Be the Benefits of an Online Facility?

The hassle that was required in the filling of the PF forms led to incorrect undertakings regarding employments. Many individuals wouldn’t even fill a form even after changing their jobs. This convenient facility will impact the approach of people towards PF and benefit them a lot.

How to fill EPF Form online?

EPF Withdrawal Process forms can be filled easily. check for forms in the online, The forms are available on the Employees Provident Fund Organization’s website. basic things should me mentioned and the required fields need to be filled in order to complete the form. EPF Withdrawal Process forms are available at

EPF withdrawal Process forms

EPF Withdrawal Process forms

What are the details required to fill a PF withdrawal Process forms:

  1. The first thing required is a mobile number which has to be connected to a universal account number.
  2. The name with which the universal account number is associated with
  3. The reasons for accessing the account.
  4. Note the advance or withdrawal process.
  5. Fill out details of the bank, to which these withdrawal forms have to be charged.
  6. Provide personal details like postal address and signature.
  7. Send these filled forms to the Regional Provident Fund Office.
  8. these are the steps to fill  PF withdrawal Process form

How to check the status of your application?

The status of your application is available on the same website. You can check it by clicking on the know your PF claim status link.

What are the conditions regarding the withdrawal from PF account?

Rule 1 The full PF amount can only be withdrawn only at retirement.

This means that it is possible to withdraw funds at any time but the complete amount present in the compound can only be withdrawn when the employee retires.

Rule2 The retirement age is 55 years.

The minimum age that is considered to be retirement age is 55 years.

Rule3 90% of the total amount can only be withdrawn when there is only one year left for retirement. Before that time, more than ten percent amount has to be present in the account.

Is employer’s signature required in PF withdrawal Process form


No. Earlier the employer’s signature was a compulsion. However, now the signature is not required if the KYC details are updated on the UAN portal by the employee.  The employee has to download the specific form as per their need and fill it out.

In which cases is TDS not deducted?

TDS is Tax Deducted at Source.  The cases In which no TDS is deducted are

  1. When PF is transferred from one PF account to the other.
  2. service is terminated due to the ill health of the individual or discontinuation of business.
  3. When an employee withdraws PF after a service of at least five years.
  4. When the PF payment is less than 30,000 INR but the member has been employed for less than five years.
  5. If an employee working for less than five years withdraws an amount of more than 30,000 INR but provides Form 15G/15H with their PAN card.

The form 15G and 15H are only valid when the annual income of the employee is less than 2,50,000 INR.

How much TDS is charged on all other transactions?

The percentage of TDS is determined on the basis of the PAN card.

If the Pan card is submitted by the employ then TDS is charged as 10%.

If the employ fails to submit the PAN card, then a maximum marginal rate of 34.608% is charged.


The new facility that has been started hopes to have an impact on people. It is directed towards helping people fill out their PF withdrawal forms in a more convenient way. thanks for reading the article, if you have any doubts regarding PF withdrawal Process forms & eligibility & TDS Status do comment below, we will clarify all your doubts. thank you.

EPF Balance Check: EPF or Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) is a retirement benefit fund that is provided to all working employees. check EPF balance Check pf status enquiry online statement UAN passbook from here. It is overseen by the Employee’s Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). Provision Fund (pf) happens to be a great saving for many people, which is to be used in the time of old age and retirement. It also comes to aid during the need of urgent financial requirements. So, it is natural that people want to check the status of their provision funds and regular intervals.

EPFO has launched a method to make this process faster, more convenient, and hassle free for the employees. It is now possible for a person to check their pf status online with the help of a pf number or other methods such as with the aid of a stimulated messaging service or call, app or browser, or with the help of a UAN number at a UAN portal. This official web portal that has been launched by the EPFO makes the whole process easier and allows employees to check their pf status frequently. The steps to check EPF balance are given below.

EPF Balance Check With the help of a pf number:

Pf number is a code provided to all the employees. It contains a number of digits and the first two alphabets represent the regional code while the next three alphabets represent the PF office code in which one is working. To check the pf balance using a pf number, the concerned person has to first open the website of the EPFO portal and visit the EPF balance page. After clicking on the now your balance link, the person is asked to select the state in which their employer is registered, followed by the selection of the regional pf office. The person is then asked to fill out their pf number along with their phone number. After submitting the form, the person promptly receives a message on their phone with all the relevant EPF balance details. This is a very simple and hassle-free process.

EPF Balance Check With The Help of a Message or a Call:

This feature is only applicable for members who are UAN activated. The process is very simple. The concerned person has to send a message from their UAN registered mobile which should read EPFOHO UAN to the mobile number 773 8299 899 and they will receive a message with their EPF balance details. They can also send a missed call to the EPFO customer care number 011229001406. It is important that the person ensures the number is a registered UAN number.

EPF Balance Check With The Help of an App or a Browser:

There are other easier methods to the pf balance online. The concerned person can visit the EPFO members’ portal or the UAN portal and enter the required credential to receive their EPF balance details. It supports any web page like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox etcetera and any browser like Windows PC or on their smartphone. A person can also check their balance on the official android EPFO app. It is important to be aware that there are framed EPFO websites and tin apps that are present and should be avoided.

Check With the Help of a UAN Number:

This method is applicable for UAN activated members only. The EPF balance can be checked using a UAN number and password in the UAN login portal. This is much more efficient than the method of pf member ID and password. The UAN number and password can be obtained by downloading the UAN passbook. these are the ways to check EPF balance.


These methods have been it easy for a common working man to regularly access their pf balance without any extra effort, making the process time saving and use friendly.